The following is a list of gear other people have recommended or that I have discovered and found worth remembering. Of course, all gear is only a means to an end so I don’t want to focus on it too much, but if I’m going to sail across oceans I want to rely on things that work.

The list is incomplete and contains links to products as well as ideas. I’m going to fill the gaps and add stuff over time.


Pogo - lightweight, fast, minimal, unsinkable

Bente 24

Bente 24 - innovative 24ft design from Germany

Seascape 27 - fast cruising

Didi 950

Didi 950 - beamy plywood dyi design

RM Yachts - fast cruisers made out of plywood

Boat building

Entropy Resins - eco-friendly epoxy


Kiwi Grip

Non-skid: Kiwi Grip

Carbon Erector

Carbon Erector - system for creating carbon fiber structures (pushpit/pulpit etc.)


Hempel Silic One anti fouling - eco-friendly, silicone based antifouling

Vinyl foil instead of repaint - cheaper, removable, easier to add custom design


Low Friction Ring

Low friction rings, for example to replace jib tracks, for lazy jacks etc. (e.g. made by Antal

Soft padeye

Soft loops instead of shackles and metal eyes

Dynex Dux

Dynex Dux dyneema standing rigging - lighter and stronger than wire

Pontos 4-speed winches

Ino Block lightweight plastic blocks


Nub friction block

composite chainplate

Composite chainplates

Tack Shackle

Tylaska Tack Shackle sewn directly in to the sail.


  • ATN gale sail - storm jib that you put over the furled genoa.
  • 4th reef instead of storm sail - points higher, easier to set up



Torqeedo Pod

Torqueedo Pod


Watt&Sea Propulsor - electric saildrive


distributed power system instead of single panel (shorter cables, easier to reconfigure)


  • NKE
  • B&G


Power Generation


Lithium Ion batteries

1/3 weight, charge faster, can be discharged more, high initial investment but total cost not that much higher due to longer life expectancy



Jordan Series Drogue

Jordan Series Drogue - drogue that uses many small cones instead of a single big one, which makes it work much better

Spinlock Deckvest - comfy, attachment point made from webbing instead of metal

Emergency Gear

Forespar sta-plug - plugs holes in the hull

Ocean Signal EPIRB

Ocean Signal EPIRB - very compact EPIRB and PLB


  • cloths/foam boards instead of doors - lighter, can be removed, used for other things (Pogos have them, also Seascape)
  • fabric bags/hangers for storage
  • hammock
  • bean bag

LED strips with velcro


  • water usage counter instead of tank gauge
  • compost toilet


  • only one bowl per person for everything - no washing up
  • no electric water pressure - saves water
  • water maker - able to use much smaller water tanks
  • plastic barrels as dry/food storage



X-Hose - expandable hose

The Scrubba – outdoor washing “machine”