Picassol is a sailing yacht that only uses renewable energies. It uses wind (and sometimes electricity) for propulsion and again electricity to drive everything else: instruments, cooking, engine, pumps, communication, lights. All electricity is generated using renewable resources such as sunlight and wind. We do not burn any fossil fuels like diesel, propane gas or gasoline.

Living on renewable resources isn’t just about replacing your engine and its alternator with a big array of solar panels. It’s deciding what you really need and what you can do without. Shedding the ballast, focusing on what’s essential. Using fewer resource to achieve a better result.

With this boat I want to be an inspiration for others – boats as well as people living on land. I want to show that it’s not only possible but enjoyable to not rely on fossil resources. Using what’s available instead of buying whatever can be manufactured, going with the wind instead of against it — fewer options, less stuff, more freedom.

There’s a tiny catch: this boat doesn’t exist - yet. I’m building it myself right now, in a workshop in Berlin, Germany. The plan is to be finished within 2 years, in spring 2017.

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Last updated: April 2015