As can be seen on the gear page, I have a long wishlist of stuff to put on my boat. From a carbon fiber rig, over an electric motor to a fancy autopilot that can surf down waves while the spinnaker is up.

Last week I checked my budget, and — surprise — realized that I might not be able to afford everything on that list. In fact, I can’t afford most of it right now. I took the opportunity to reevaluate my priorities, and came to the conclusion to strip the project down to its bare minimum. Get the boat into the water with the available budget, as soon as possible. Only add what’s important.

What is important? That it sails fast and is fun to sail.

What do I need for that? A finished hull. The best sails. The best rig. The best deck gear.

What is not so important? Looking at screens. Motoring.

Action Plan

A few weeks ago I employed Jonas to help me with the hull. Progress has more than doubled since then. Probably tripled. Not only can 4 hands work faster than 2, my own motivation has picked up significantly again.

I’ve just ordered a set of sails (it’s fall discount time) — a main and jib from Doyle. Their Delta line is basically the equivalent of North Sails 3Di for small boats. The sails are made in one 3D piece from prepreg tape instead of panels sewn together. I can’t wait to get my hands on these. I haven’t ordered any fancy spinnakers yet. I think I’ll be spending the first season sea trialing anyway, so I’ll better save the money for now to get everything else completed.

I was going to look for a carbon mast, but given the current budget constraints I’m going to have to go for aluminum for now. I’ll definitely use Dyneema standing rigging though to save at least some weight aloft.

I’m also working on figuring out which deck gear - winches, jammers, blocks etc. to get. The Boot fair in Düsseldorf in January should help with that.

Another big part that’s still missing is the keel and rudders, which I’ll try to get quotes for, soon.

Other than that, I’ll only get the bare minimum of electronics (VHF, depth sensor) and all the other stuff for now, and then put all energy into finishing the hull.

No autopilot, no motor. Aiming for launch some time in 2018. Fingers crossed.

P.S. I have now spent around 420 hours on the hull. And €28,000 on the build (including tools, materials and sails).