I have finally finished my workshop table. The kit for the big boat has been manufactured — well, CNC-cut from a few sheets of plywood — and is now somewhere in Greece, waiting to be shipped to Germany. A the company doing that is being a bit of a pain: Their trucks are huge and they’re afraid they can’t get into the area of the city where I need them to go. After sorting that out, they told me they don’t have a lifting platform or forklift, so now I have to figure out a way to get a 200kg box off of a truck. We’ll see.

The plans for the boat had been on their way to me as well, but due to a mishap on my side, the post man couldn’t find my address, and now they are sending the package back to the U.S. — nobody knows how fast that will happen, so I can only hope I will get hold of the plans, soon.

On a more positive side, I’ve stumbled upon a company called Entropy Resins, who make eco-friendly epoxy. I contacted them about using it for boat building, and they didn’t want to recommend it for anything critical, lacking the experience. I’ve ordered a few liters of it for testing, which I will be doing on the dinghy, and — if that turns out well — on the inside and non-critical parts of the big boat.

I’ve bought a few more things for the workshop, such as a different kind of clamp. This one looks easier to use than the classic bar clamps I already have. I also got an adjustable square for marking lines — man that one was expensive. It should last a few lifetimes though.

Next up I need to keep working on the dinghy. Finish coating it on the outside, cutting it into two parts, floatation, and then paint it.